Kids should be flying kites, not fighting cancer

Hope Cross provides help to children at the Bahay Aruga shelter, supporting them in their battle with cancer. The Bahay Aruga is a free shelter for cancer-stricken children going through treatments at the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) in Ermita Manila. The institution provides free stay, food, and help in every possible way. Help is now extended to others fighting off cancer like members of the Circle of Hope.



We care. We respond

Due to its location along the Ring of Fire, the Philippines is among the top ten countries with the most number of people affected by natural disasters like typhoons, earthquakes and volcano eruptions, at 130 billion. With regard to this fact, Help Cross provides assistance to people that have been affected by calamities and natural disasters, supporting them in their resettlement and everyday needs.



The bright and the hopeful

Assisting poor but deserving students who have no means of pursuing their dream education, Achieve Cross gives regular support to a nursing student, to a medical student, and to the children of the Bahay Parola. Τhe Bahay Parola institution adopts abandoned children, providing them with food and taking care of their education and professional rehabilitation, until they are ready to stand on their own feet.



Crossworld Charity Foundation was established in 2015 in Manila, Philippines, when CEO Simos Varias and Operations Manager Chito Mendoza, shared their mutual ambition of lending a helping to those in need. After one of our key staff was diagnosed with cancer, we jointly took the decision of launching our own Foundation so as to formally invite others to participate in our cause. Our goal is to give smiles and help bring joy to our fellow brothers because : every life deserves a chance.

• Dec. 14, 2015 – Organized a Christmas party and gift-giving for children of the Bahay Aruga.

• Dec. 17, 2015 –  Pledged payment of the Bahay Aruga institution’s monthly electric and water bills

• March 9, 2016 – CCF was registered in the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and also in the Unified Registration Records (URR).

• March 13, 2016 – First fund raising activity “Fun Run” held at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, in cooperation with The Hope Project as the organizers. Proceeds of the successful event went to the Bahay Aruga, and to The Circle of Hope of St. Luke’s Hospital in Quezon City. The Bahay Aruga receiving the far larger share.

• June 7, 2016 – Crossworld Charity Foundation Inc, through its Achieve Cross arm gives out scholarship to its first student – a former Crossworld employee who was not able to finish studies after the death of her father. She is presently taking up Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the Trinity University of Asia in Quezon City.

• June 7, 2016 – A second scholarship is provided to a medical degree student at the University of the Philippines in Manila.

• August 22, 2016 – Bahay Parola becomes a Crossworld Charity Foundation Inc beneficiary.

• August 22, 2016 – Crossworld Charity Foundation Inc donated school appliances to the Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo High School (Special Education Class Room), in Imus, Cavite.

• November 19, 2016 – Gift giving for special education students under the Spread the Love movement in Cavite.

• December 08, 2016 – Sponsored the Livelihood Workshop to Smokey Mountain elder residents. Various gifts like beddings, first aid kits, and food were handed out.

• December 8, 2016 - Christmas Party for the Bahay Aruga together with The Hope Project students University of the Philippines in Manila.

• December 17, 2016 – CIRCLE OF HOPE of St. Lukes Medical Center Quezon City, Ostomy Support Group in the yearly gathering. Crossworld Charity sponsor these events and provides gifts, and prizes for the games.

• January 24, 2017 – Achieve Cross awards the third scholarship to a Business Administration student that couldn't afford tuition

• April 20, 2017 – Another fund-raising project by Crossworld Charity and The Hope Project for the benefit of the Bahay Aruga, Bahay Parola, and the Circle of Hope. The concert, named “Playground”, was held at the Rizal Park in Manila.

• June 9, 2017 – The foundation donates shoes and school bags to the Bahay Parola students, as well as display racks for their Charity Store

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Our goal is to give smiles and help bring joy to our fellow brothers because every life deserves a chance.

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